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How to say or suggest in an informal (and possibly rude) way that someone can be disregarded?

I could translate the first example as: Friend A: 우리 지금 출발 안하면 늦을 것 같아. John은 어디있어? Friend B: 에이.. 좃까. 거기서 보겠지 뭐. But, If I were Friend B, I'd just say: 에이.. 버려(abandon). 거기서 보겠지 뭐. The first ...
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Difference between formal and Informal

Korean has formal and informal embedded in the grammar, much like most European languages with a T-V distinction but with more levels. Grammatically, there are quite a few "speech levels", from ...
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Correct translation for "smoke" that also means "cigarette"

The most commonly used expression for the verb "to smoke (a cigarette)" is (담배를) 피(우)다. Sometimes 담배를 태우다 is used too. In literary language, it appears in the form of 흡연하다. Also, very informally, 담배를 ...
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What is the informal/impolite interrogative form of 이다?

There are three common ones. -(이)야? 네가 영훈이야? (Are you 영훈?) -(이)니? 네가 영훈이니? (same) -(이)냐? 네가 영훈이냐? (same) -(이)야 is both an indicative and and interrogative form. -(이)니 and -(이)냐 are interrogative ...
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Usage of the 요 form for verbs

I'm going to interpret your question as "do native speakers use 요 with friends who are a few years older than them?". The answer is "it varies". It depends on lots of different ...
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What is the etymology of the informal (vulgar) prefix 처~?

The article here I managed to find explained the etymology of '처-' as below: ‘처-’는 ‘치다’의 어간에 연결어미 ‘-아/어’가 이어진 형태 로 어원어의 형태와 유사한 형태의 접사이다. ‘처-’는 ‘손이나 손에 든 물건으로 세게 부딪게 하다’의 의미에서 ‘마구’, ‘많이’의 의미로 추상화 과정을 ...
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How is the honorific informal form of verbes created?

Yes. Except for some words that you have to use different words instead when putting into honorific forms. “먹다” → “먹으셔” (from “먹다”) (incorrect) “드셔” (from “들다”) (correct) “잡수셔” (from “잡수다”) (correct)...
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