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What is the etymology of the informal (vulgar) prefix 처~?

I was listening to a rap song with Korean lyrics where one of the lines uses the prefix 처 in a way I hadn't seen before: 돈 자랑, 몸 자랑, 인맥 자랑, 네 자랑, 잠이나 처자라 From my understanding, 처 can be affixed to ...
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What is the informal/impolite interrogative form of 이다?

What is the interrogative informal form of 이다? Is it 냐/이냐? I wasn't able to find this answer anywhere so here I am asking ^^
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Usage of the 요 form for verbs

If I'm talking with a friend that is a few years older than me should I use the 요 form for verbs or should I use the completely informal speech?
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How is the honorific informal form of verbes created?

From what I understood, if I want to talk about my teacher with my friend I have to use the honorific informal form, but how do I create this form? Do I just remove 다 from the verb to then make it ...
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Difference between formal and Informal

I know Korean has formal and informal ways of speaking, but is there a complete difference between formal and informal speaking or just small differences? Say I was speaking to a person older than ...
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Correct translation for "smoke" that also means "cigarette"

In English, we can use the term "smoke" as a noun to refer to a cigarette. For example: I'd like to have a smoke. (meaning, "I'd like to smoke a cigarette.") Google Translate gives me 담배 as ...
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How to say or suggest in an informal (and possibly rude) way that someone can be disregarded?

Warning: the English language I would like to know of a Korean equivalent for is rude, and contained in the examples below. From this example, we can understand that B wishes to disregard John's ...
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