I could translate the first example as: Friend A: 우리 지금 출발 안하면 늦을 것 같아. John은 어디있어? Friend B: 에이.. 좃까. 거기서 보겠지 뭐. But, If I were Friend B, I'd just say: 에이.. 버려(abandon). 거기서 보겠지 뭐. The first word has a sexual origin just like "fuck him". But for some reason, I feel the Korean counterpart is more offensive and I only use that among few very old friends. ...


It's rude for someone to thrust one finger at someone's face. Here are some pictures.


Not sure if I'm allowed to post it here though... (hidden for potentially offensive picture) I found a QNA which explains the meaning of this gesture. 영화 살인의 추억에서 송강호가 했던 손가락욕이요 검지 밑에 엄지를 넣는 어떤 의미며 ? 정확한 명칭이 뭔가요 그건? 하~~아 .. 욕 잘 안흐는데 갈챠드릴라니 혀야것네잉 좢까쒸뻴너마 좢이나 까좝솨~~~~~~~~~~~~ 입니다......

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