My name is 高安音 but I can't seem to find an appropriate translation into Korean.


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I don't know what you mean by "translate" exactly, but the name can be clearly pronounced in Korean as 고안음, as all three characters are in common use.

I think using this simple Korean reading as your name is the best way.


If you want to have a Korean name which sounds similar to your original pronunciation, your family name 高 will be (go).

[Mandarin] Next, 安音(ānyīn) is very similar to 안인(an-in), but I can tell you if you want more common names.

  • 안희(neutral): an-hui -> This will actually sound like 'anhi' or 'ani'
  • 아인(female): a-in -> This is used a lot, but I don't recommend this one. '고아인' can mean to be an orphan in Korean.
  • 안일(male): an-il -> This is not very common, but also good.

[Cantonese] 安音(ngon1 jam1) is a bit harder, because it sounds like 응온 얌(eung-on-yam).

  • 연아(female): yeon-ah -> Sorry.. Cantonese name is very hard to change, so I think this is the most similar one.

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