Where can I find the official “Hangul orthography and rules on pronunciations?”

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Hangul orthography

Hangul orthography, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, public notice #2017-12 (effective from March 28, 2017.). Here.

A booklet PDF that explains (in Korean) the both

There’s a good official booklet that explains them all and answers quite a lot of questions on Korean language Stack Exchange. For orthography and pronunciation(not at the phonological level though), it’s the greatest learning material of all, if you can read Korean. It’s a bunch of standard rules anyways.

Well, the problem is, the official website is clunky and frustratingly unfriendly to users. There’s no GET links to them. In other words, they don’t have unique URLs bound to resources that I’m afraid I can’t tell you the link for you to simply type in and get. They only allow you to browse their website through POST requests.

Their website

If you’re Linux-savvy, you can use this command to download it.

curl \
    --data 'upload_file_path=refr&upload_file_name=5f99e023-dbbe-4975-9db0-b4355eabd06b_0&upload_file_original_name=_' \
    --request POST \
    --output 'Official Hangul orthography, rules on pronunciation, and explanation on them (2018).pdf' \

Index The cover of the booklet Preview #1 Preview #2

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