Do you feel bosses who talk in Hage-che as opposed to Hae-che are showing more respect to their employees ?

For instance this an example from Korean Grammar in Use [Book 3]:

A: 부장님.

오늘 저녁 회식은 어디에서 합니까?

B: 자네는 뭘 먹고 싶은가?

자네가 정해서 식당을 예약하도록 하게.

My translation:

A: Manager.

Where are you having dinner tonight?

B: What do you want to eat?

You decide and make a restaurant reservation.

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Yes. 'hage' is more polite than 'hae'. But note that 'hage-che' is quite old-fashioned, so young people hardly use it, and also 자네 too.

Even though using hae-che, you can express enough respect to your employees, by showing your nice behaviors at all time.

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