Are there any online thesauruses available for Korean, where I can search for synonyms (유의어) of a given word?

After searching online, I found hints that there might be one on Naver 국어사전, but couldn't find a link anywhere.

  • +1 I'm interested, too, though I have to say, I've found in English that a thesaurus can help me find words that other people haven't used which spices up what I'm writing/saying, while in Korean, I've found that being certain to use the phrases other people are writing/saying is the norm and expected. That's probably due in part to my not being a native speaker, but in general, Koreans tend to do what other Koreans are doing. So that in itself is a gap in culture from what we do in the West in trying to seek individuality, including our speech patterns. Commented May 9, 2017 at 12:13
  • Yes, I wouldn't use it for finding rare words. My passive vocabulary is much larger than my active vocabulary, so there are many times when I can't think of the right word, only a common word with a somewhat similar meaning. At those times, a thesaurus could help me find the right word (that I already know, but only passively).
    – gaeguri
    Commented May 9, 2017 at 13:47

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Naver Korean dictionary partially supports thesaurus feature like this:

Naver Korean Dictionary

But still 'partial', so if you want to search directly for synonyms, visiting (주) 낱말 - a company offering its resources to Naver - directly may help you.

Go to the homepage ( http://www.natmal.com/ ) and click 'word gallery' on the top right, then click '비슷한말 반대말' in the left bar. Top search box would be for synonyms, and for acronyms below.


In the National Institute of Korean Language's Korean-English Learners' Dictionary, you can view the semantic relations of a certain vocabulary such as synonyms, antonyms, heavy isotopes of a word, light isotopes of a word, emphatic variants of a word, soft variants of a word, original words, short forms, respectful forms, low forms, reference words, etc. For example, here are related words of the search word 아버지:

Related words of the search word 아버지

The related words are not as extensive as Naver's 관련어휘, but I really like how they have different categories and show different levels for the variants.


I have found a website which is really very good for Korean language learners. It has almost everything that is needed to become proficient in Korean. If you want to learn Korean thesaurus, Korean synonyms, Korean antonyms, Korean opposite words please visit this page.

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