could you recommend me some news sites that are written in simple Korean? I tried to search a lot even sites for children but they are still too complex for me. Each sentence in newspaper is ofen about 2-3 or even 4 lines.

I would like to find a website with simple Korean and also it can be copied or pasted too. With this feature I can consult a dictionary quickly. Also it would be great if there are some sites where there are English and Korean side by side.

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http://kids.donga.com/ http://kid.chosun.com/ http://www.koreakidnews.org/2006/home.php http://www.econoi.co.kr/ here is some internet newspaper and sites written in easy Korean. I founded it in https://www.moel.go.kr/kids/etc/familysite/list2.do this is the list of recommended list of children newspaper and sites of the goverment.

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