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My real name is Teo Samaržija. I was studying computer engineering at the FERIT (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology), University of Osijek, and now I have a Bachelor degree in it. My hobby is historical linguistics, particularly the names of places in Croatia, about which I have published a few papers. The paper I am the most proud of is "Etimologija Karašica", about applying the information theory to the river names. You can read an English-language summary of that paper on my website.

I have also designed a programming language called AEC and have written two compilers for it: one written in JavaScript and targetting x86 and the other one written in C++ and targetting WebAssembly. The one targetting WebAssembly has many more features and is much more professionally made.

My Bachelor Thesis is my PicoBlaze assembler and emulator written in JavaScript. PicoBlaze is a small computer made by Xilinx, and we use it as an example of a simple computer at our laboratory exercises and auditory exercises in our Computer Architecture classes. My Computer Architecture professor asked me to create a web-based PicoBlaze assembler and emulator so that laboratory exercises can be done from home (because of the epidemiological reasons, so that students can do the laboratory exercises without having access to a real PicoBlaze).

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