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Is it pure coincidence that the words for "reunification" and "German" are so similar (통일 and 독일)?
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The Chinese character of 통일 is 统一 (the same in Japanese). The Chinese character of 독일 is 獨逸, which was likely from Japanese word. This set of Chinese characters were chosen simply for its phonetic ...

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What is a good online resource or app (Android,PC) to start learning Korean from the very beginning?
2 votes

I suggest that you first learn the Korean alphabet (Hangul) as it is not possible to move forward without them. The hangul is not complicated and is logically constructed, so it won't take you much to ...

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How does 해서 work in 우리와 다른 사람을 차별해서는 안 된다?
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I found out that the grammatical construction in this sentence is not ~아/어서 + 는 as a subject particle. There is another grammatical construction ~아/어서는, which means something like "doing ~ would" or "...

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