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Using ordinal numbers
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Yes, it is natural. 한국에 두 번째로 갔을 때, or 두 번째로 한국에 갔을 때 When you use ordinal numbers, you should put space between number(첫, 두, ...) and '번째' like 첫 번째, 두 번째.

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Meaning/usage of 확실치/확실친
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As @Yonggoo Noh said, 확실치 is equal to 확실하지. 확실친 is a short expression of 확실치는 or 확실하지는. 확실하지는 has the same meaning as 확실하지, but those have a slight different shade of meaning. Let me explain more ...

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How does A Korean Odyssey (화유기) derive the character names?
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Most of Korean can't read 漢文(the sentence written in 漢字) naturally. We know some of 漢字, but only characters because many Korean words are from 漢字. I think many young Korean know only a few 漢字, and ...

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