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서반아 as Spain is rarely used, but 서반아어(Spanish language) is still fairly used; Especially in academic with a short form - 서어. SNU's Hispanic Language and Literature Department is 서어서문학과 in Korean, since most of universities changed their department's name to 스페인어학과. It's like nobody calls France as 불란서 in these days, but 불어(french language/불란서어, 프랑스어) is ...


In modern Korean, "서바나" is barely used. It seems that most of younger Korean cannot notice what "서바나" is, whereas most of them know what and where "스페인" is. It's kind of an attempt to write non-korean word(especially the name of nation) in chinese character(한자) when Korea is unfamiliar with the Latin. And, not important, but it ...


주간(週刊) means 'weekly' 주간(晝間) means 'daytime' As you can see, they have completely different hanja and so have completely different meanings. This is very common in the korean language, and the meaning of most words are just dependant on context.

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