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What are the best sources to study for TOPIK?

First of all, you are asking this question on the right place: https://korean.stackexchange.com/ Older TOPIK questions and their answer keys, upto the 41st TOPIK, can be found on the official topik ...
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How important are Korean idioms and phrases for TOPIK exam?

http://m.topik.go.kr/m/cmm/subLocation.do?menuSeq=212010102 You should probably not study too hard about phrases. Phrases are only like grammar + words, so I don't recommend studying phrases and I ...
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What are the best sources to study for TOPIK?

I don't have the privilege to take TOPIK test in Korea and there are not many Korean language books available available in my country. So, I purchased TOPIK self study package from TOPIK GUIDE. It ...
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Is there a list of the number of required vocabulary for each TOPIK level?

TOPIK 1 is generally around 800 Words while TOPIK 2 is generally around 1500-2000 words, I'm not sure about the other levels though. I'd recommend using topikguide.com to study with a more official ...
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Is the TOPIK 1-6 equivalent for CEFR A1 to C2?

Well, it does not seem that the TOPIK level criteria were set based on the CEFR levels. You can find several differences reading Yunhee Won's publication (the reference 8 of the Wikipedia article). I ...
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What are the best sources to study for TOPIK?

I recently took the TOPIK II for the first time and mostly used the 시대교육 series you show in the picture. I focused mostly on the TOPIK(토픽Ⅱ) 한국어능력시험 단기완성 book, and it was really a great resource. It ...
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