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Is it really impossible to speak [쳐]?

There is an explanation attached to Article 5 of the Standard Pronunciation of Korean Language (표준발음법 5항). Due to the restriction of the Korean language that semivowel 'ㅣ' [j] cannot directly follow ...
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Difference in tones between 이러면 안돼요 and 그러지 마세요

In your example, the difference in nuance is based on what the subject of the sentence is. Technically, the subject of "마세요" is "you", but the subject of "안 돼요" is "...
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The use of Pure Korean words like 가람 [river]?

As others answered above, 가람 is not used in daily conversation. Sometimes it is used in names of organizations or people, as in the attached photo below (한가람고등학교).
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