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Meaning of proverb 어물전 망신은 꼴뚜기가 시킨다

어물전 망신은 꼴뚜기가 시킨다 It's a proverb in Korea which means "One bad person brings disgrace to his/her colleague/family/group." To know it's literal meaning, we can divide the proverb into 3 parts ...
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Meaning of 걸래는 빨아도 걸래다

It literally means "A rag is still a rag, even if you wash it". 빨다 here means "to wash (clothes)". Figuratively, it means "No matter how hard you try to improve a thing in a certain way, its innate ...
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What does 도토리 키재기긴 한데 mean?

Literally, 도토리 키재기 means to measure/compare heights of an acorn/acorns. Standard Korean Language Dictionary lists 도토리 키재기 as an idiom/proverb: link 속담 정도가 고만고만한 사람끼리 서로 다툼을 이르는 말. 비슷비슷하여 견주어 볼 필요가 ...
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Meaning of 걸래는 빨아도 걸래다

Does 걸래는 빨아도 걸래다 have two meanings? Literally, it means 'the rag is still rag after wash'. But more often, this is idiom states that 'You cannot undo what you have done'. Also sometimes 걸레 refers ...
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Is there any equivalent proverb for "Slow and steady wins the race"?

I just come up with one traditional fairy tale "토끼와 거북이"(The hare and the turtle) which exactly describes the proverb you mentioned. So Korean use that phrase like this : "Like the story of 토끼와 거북이, ...
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