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A way to remember the natural Korean numbers 스물 (20), 서른 (30), 마흔 (40) and so on?

흔 means ten in obsolete Korean. These words still have the influence of '흔'. 서른(서흔->설흔->서른) 마흔 예순(엿흔->예순) 일흔 여든(여흔->여든) 아흔 And 열(10), 스물(20) don't follow this rule because the origin of these two ...
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Is there an easy way to remember when to use ㅐ vs. ㅔ?

"애" and "에" are often pronounced the same these days in every day usage, but historically were more distinct, with "애" having a more open-mouthed position and "에&...
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