Konglish is short for 'Korean-style English' (한국어식 영어) - a style of English used by Koreans.

Konglish is a style of English, used by Koreans, that is made up of words or phrases borrowed from English that have different meanings when used inside Korea.

For example:

  • 'Broadcast Jockey' (BJ) means an online streamer (who may stream games, or just them eating)
  • 'one shot' means 'bottoms up'
  • 'hunting' means 'looking for a date'
  • 'eye shopping' means 'window shopping'

Note: Konglish is different from other similar portmanteau like Chinglish (portmanteau of 'Chinese' and 'English'), which are often just ungrammatical translations of Chinese sentences into English, and where the term carries pejorative or deprecating connotations.

To read more about Konglish, refer to the Konglish Wikipedia page.