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Are there contrepèteries (spoonerisms) in Korean?

There's a classical example in Chunhyangjeon(춘향전): 어 추워라. 문 들어온다, 바람 닫아라. 물 마른다, 목 들어라. ("바람 들어온다, 문 닫아라. 목 마른다, 물 들어라") It's called 스푸너리즘 in Korean.
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Where can I find some jokes in Korean online?

As a Korean who spends a lot of time on the internet, I would say there is no such website, unfortunately. At least, young people will not like the jokes in that kind of sites. Jokes were in such form ...
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Why did the father climb into his own bag? (띄어쓰기 농담)

It is a well-known meme using wrong spacing. It should be '아빠가 방에 들어가신다' which means 'Father is entering the room', but due to the wrong spacing, '아빠 가방에 들어가신다' means 'Father is entering into the bag.'...
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Translating a meme, #1: "Hey buddy"

Center: "옳지" or "어이 친구" or "이놈" Orange: "밖에 나갈까?" Purple: "우쭈쭈쭈쭈" Green: "엄마한테 이를 거니?" Yellow: "싸움 걸기" Pink: "강아지 쓰다듬기"...
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Translating a meme, #1: "Hey buddy"

center : in korean, 야 인마 usually used informal situation. and it usually used with same sexual. like dude or mate. In this situation, speaker want to start the sentence. so i think 저기...... is more ...
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Where can I find some jokes in Korean online?

Surprisingly hard to find online websites filled with one-liners in Korean. But at least, I found one. Hopefully this will be satisfying:
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