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가족이 vs 가족을 보고 싶습니다

~이 makes 보고 싶다 more idiomatic. Consider the following example: 호랑이를 보고 싶다. I want to see a tiger. 가족이 보고 싶다. I miss my family. Compare it with the verb 그립다, which means to miss somebody - ...
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Oldboy, Oh Dae-Su meaning "getting through one day at a time"

In the movie, he says his name 오대수 is short for "오늘만 대충 수습하며 살자" literally let's live barely sorting out the day. Which is a pun made by taking the first syllable of each word in the sentence. Of ...
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기로 하다 VS. (으)려 하다

Even the use of 으려 has a "degree" to it. If you are plain old "going caroling" you would just say it (or maybe use the future tense 하겠다, or leave room for fate to change your plans ...
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