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Is “춥다” an irregular adjective?

Hoping someone else would explain it in detail, let me just give you a tiny bit of info about this phenomenon. Is “춥다” an irregular adjective? Yes, along with other “-ㅂ” stem adjectives/verbs except ...
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The verb affix -오리-

These inflections are in the “…하오” register (하오체 Hao-che): “-(으)리다” (e.g. “지키리다,” “먹으리다.”) “-(으)리이다” (e.g. “지키리이다,” “먹으리이다.”) and these are in the “…하십시오/합쇼” register (하십시오체/합쇼체 Hasipsio-che/Hapsyo-...
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The verb affix -오리-

① First, in terms of word-searching, you can try and look up for 어미 '-오리다'. In 표준국어대사전, -오리다² 【어미】(←종결어미, conclusive ending)  「참고 어휘」: -으오리다 (←이형태) ((받침 없는 용언의 어간, 'ㄹ' 받침인 용언의 어간 또는 어미 '-으시-' 뒤에 붙어)) 「...
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