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What's the difference between ‘마디 (소절[小節])’ and ‘낱말 (단어[單語])’?

If your dictionary translates 마디 to "word", it might not be very good. :/ Just looking at, say, Naver dictionary, you can easily see that 마디 has tons of meanings unrelated to speech, and even when ...
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What's the difference between ‘마디 (소절[小節])’ and ‘낱말 (단어[單語])’?

Such a good question! I'm going to explain it for you, myself; or for you, reading this. By definition, 마디 and 소절 (小節) are synonyms and literally mean a chunk in a speech, writing, or song. However, ...
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How different are “대하다” and “관하다?”

대하다 and 관하다 have a meaning "about" (In addition, 대하다 have more different meanings) Roughly speaking, if B has a position not related to A, then A 에 대한 B. If not, then A 관하여 B (1) 실업 대책에 관하여 쓴 글 A ...
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