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What is the difference between 지 and 걸?

The way I see it, 지 when used without a pronoun like '어디'(where) generally stands for an unknown or uncertain thing, whereas 것 usually stands for something that is known. (걸 is just a contraction of ...
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How is the word '등' used in this sentence?

This is your mistranslation. You need to interpret the two clauses separately. 등 a bound noun used to indicate that there are other things of the same kind as the thing that was just mentioned. “등” ...
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의존명사인 '대' (dependent noun)

To my knowledge, 대 is not a dependent (aka: bound) noun. 대로, 데, 때, and 때문 are though. Anyways, such a noun cannot be used alone, it must be preceded by a word that describes it such as an adnominal (...
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