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Romanization of ㅚ in Duolingo

Sometimes Duolingo romanizes ㅚ as oe, and sometimes as we, I wonder what the difference come from? For example 최소 is romanized as choeso and 왼 is romanized as wen. I guess it might be because it's ...
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How to input ㅇ with romaji input method?

I want to input a single ㅇ, with romaji input method ? I've tried ng, but doesn't work, any idea?
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"Admitted" pronunciations for letters whose genuine pronunciation is too hard for a learner

Even though I've asked a similar question regarding phonetics, here's my second go at it. I've listened to a few audio samples, consisting of textbook dialogues spoken aloud, which allowed me to ...
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Is there an easy way to remember when to use ㅐ vs. ㅔ?

Okay, I did see When to use ㅐ, ㅒ as opposed to ㅔ,ㅖ? . But as of today that discussion is only about pronunciation, analogous situations in English, and history. On the problem of how to tell which, ...
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갖다 vs 가지다: much like 해 instead of 하?

I'm a post-beginner in Korean. Before I go to the point, I guess I should summarize what I know about Korean grammar likely related to this question. I know that, in Korean, the radical of the verbs (...
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How to distinguish the sounds of the two vowels in Korean ᅭ ᅲ?

How to distinguish the sounds of the two vowels in Korean ᅭ ᅲ? Am I correct to make the following comparison in American English: ㅛ is the same as yo-yo; ㅠ is the same as "book" where 'b' ...
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I am a native French speaker and I have enormous issue to pronounce ㅏ VS ㅓ

I just started 2 weeks ago to learn Korean language (first on Duolingo then I bought a book) and I cannot figure out how to pronounce properly the vowel ㅓ which should be [uh, eo] like the "a&...
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Distinguish length of vowels?

I'm a native Korean speaker and have lived almost all my life in Seoul. I have thought that distinguishing meanings of words by the lengths of vowels have almost disappeared. But I recently heard that ...
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