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General questions about word meanings, or finding an appropriate word.

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How to say "Goodbye forever"

How do you say , "goodbye forever" to someone? In sort of TV playful dramatic tone? Example: You're boyfriend/girlfriend is leaving the country, or someone you won't see ever again. Is it ...
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meaning of 도록 in a specific sentence

« 내일 아침에는 일찍 일어나도록 노력해 볼게. » (« I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow morning. ») What does 도록 mean in this sentence ? I read somewhere it usually meant “so that” or “in order to”, but I don’t see how ...
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Korean causative verbs vs. English causative verbs

Kind of a weird question, but please bear with me. I want to know whether Korean and English behave similarly with respect to how causative verbs are formed. In English there are two types of ...
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사무치다 뼈저리다 meaning

I'm trying to determine a suitable meaning for 사무치다 and 뼈저리다 in English. I understand that they have the meaning that some emotion is really strong/intense but can't find a translation in English. ...
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What is Difference between 못 vs 수 없어요?

What is Difference between 못 vs 수 없어요 ? I am reading both mean Cannot do something.
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I’m practicing “journal style” writing in Korean with a new book. Is this sentence correct?

다다음 주부터 가을방학 시작한다. The examples in my book don’t use a particle next to school vacation. I also wasn’t sure if “다다음“ is week after next? Is there a different informal way to say “in two weeks”? Thanks!...
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Difference between 구경하다 and 구하다 : Look Around

What is the word difference between these two words: 구경하다 and 구하다 ? Do they both mean look around?
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