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Questions tagged [verb]

For questions regarding verbs. Words used to describe an action or state.

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What is the difference between 좋다 and 좋아하다?

This is a question from the proposal phase. What is the difference between 좋다 and 좋아하다? How do we distinguish between them?
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Passive voice with -게 되다

As I know, the -게 되다 ending changes the verb into passive. Also, the passive verbs can be formed by adding -되다 or -아지다, -어지다, -여지다. But I faced some uses of -게 되다 in addition to these 2 passive forms....
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How do you tell if a verb is irregular? What are the best dictionaries for things like this?

I didn't start learning too long ago so I don't know what a lot of the best Korean resources are. I've just been learning about irregulars, but it hasn't told me how to find out what the exceptions ...
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Conjugation of 이시다

Could you please tell me if this is correct? 이다 --> 이시다 Present tense 야 / 이야 --> 셔 / 이셔 예요 / 이에요 --> 세요 / 이세요 인다 --> 이시다 입니다 --> 이십니다 Past tense 였어 --> 였셔 였어요 --> 였세요 였다 --> ...
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