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Where should fingers be on the home row when learning to type with the 2-set Korean keyboard (Dubeolsik 두벌식)?

I want to start practicing typing Korean. I want to get into good habits from the start. I've tried to research a bit online, but it's hard to find a definitive recommendation. In which home row ...
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How to type a single jamo using Dubeolsik keyboard?

I use Dubeolsik with ibus-hangul with the Gnome desktop environment. How can I type a single jamos? For example I don't want to type 머, but I want to type ㅁㅓ. Right now I am doing it by pressing the ...
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Why are the unaspirated (ㅂㅈㄷㄱㅅ) and aspirated (ㅋㅌㅊㅍ) consonants ordered differently on 두벌식 (dubeolsik) keyboard layout?

When I was first learning to type Hangul, I quickly found a lot of logic in the 두벌식 layout. Consonants on the left, jamo that can be doubled in the top row, nasals in the middle, aspirated in the ...
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How was your experience learning to type in Hangeul on the keyboard?

What was it like for you to learn how to type in Korean on a keyboard? I'm two semesters so far in my Korean classes. One of my keen challenges has been typing in Korean on my smartphone and ...
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Korean more efficient keyboard?

Is there an equivalent to Dvorak for Korean? I think it is interesting that I find no frequency maps on Google for the Korean alphabet at least in English that is.
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Pronunciation To Korean Converter(aka pinyin in chinese)

Translating using Google Translate gives me the following three things. The English: cat dog mouse The Korean: 고양이 개 마우스 And a pronunciation form: goyang-i gae mauseu What is the ...
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Can you make yourself understood even if you use a wrong character with a similar sound?

I have just 2 months of experiences in learning Korean, but one of the biggest hurdle for me is that I cannot tie a sound with a character. For example, when I hear 녹색, I cannot come up with the ...
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When using the Korean IME In Windows 10, how do I type hanja (한자) characters?

Sometimes when I'm using the Korean IME in Windows 10, I somehow accidentally trigger a menu to type hanja - but when I want to type hanja, I can't think how I did it! How do I trigger the hanja ...
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