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Questions tagged [transliteration]

For questions regarding the representation of Korean words in non-Korean scripts (e.g. English), or vice-versa.

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2 answers

When transliterating English words to Korean, why does the first F become a ㅎ?

This is one of the questions from the definition phase and I would like to get asked in the main site. (It has also be asked and answered in When transliterating English words to ...
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Why is the Korean name 이 often Romanised as 'Lee'?

This was a question from the definition stage of this proposal Why is the Korean name 이 written as Lee in English?
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8 votes
1 answer

Would 동경 and 북경 be commonly understood as ways of saying 'Tokyo' and 'Beijing'?

As I understand it, 동경 and 북경 are the Korean pronunciations of the 한국어 forms of 'Tokyo' and 'Beijing'. However, the transliterations from English - 도쿄 and 베이징 - seem more common. My question: are 동경 ...
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7 votes
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Why does Google ask me if I meant "South Korea" (*in Korean*) when searching for "eogksalsrnr"?

That's pretty much it. I assumed it has to do something with how the Hangul are represented in Latin letters, but the corresponding Wiki page didn't have any part of "eogksalsrnr" in the row where "...
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6 votes
2 answers

'센스' vs 'sense'

In Korean, I often hear phrases like '저 남자 참 센스 있다.' which literally translates to 'That man has a real "SENSE"'. However, as far as I understand, although '센스' is a transliteration of the English ...
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Is there a list of the Korean Syllable characters mapped to Unicode?

I see a table of all the Hangul Syllables. Is there a machine readable format mapping the Hangul unicode values to their romanization / transliteration counterpart? There are so many syllables to do ...
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Is there a reliable Hangul online transliteration service using Japanese kana?

This is my first question asked on this particular stack exchange site, I believe. I used to be a student of Japanology and I had growing interest in Korean language thanks gaming culture in Korea, ...
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3 answers

Trouble understanding some sentences ... words like 지칭하다, 충원하다,etc

What do these sentences translate to? "당과 그 이전의 왕조들은 국가를 경영하는 엘리트를 극소수의 귀족 집안에서 충원하였다. 송대 이전까지 '사'와 '사대부'는 이들을 지칭하였다." What exactly does "지칭하다" mean? Is that sentence saying... "The elite class ...
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1 answer

Why are shake and shadow often transliterated to 쉐이크 and 쉐도우?

When reading Korean writings, both formal and casual, I often meet expressions like 쉐도우 and 쉐이크, which are transliterations of shadow and shake. (Refer to the Korean words 쉐도우 복싱 and 밀크쉐이크.) The ...
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Terminology related to Social Thoughts and Korean Society: 위정척사, 공맹사상, 가묘, 종묘, 위패

If possible, please give the English equivalent terms of each and shortly explain what they are. -위정척사 -공맹 (사상) -가묘 -종묘 -위패 -사당 -소중화 -원나라 -주자가례
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Destructuring Korean characters

what i'm trying to do is get some korean verb or adjective and turn it to it's dictionary form. So let's say that someone typed '추워요', which is the adjective for cold. It's dictionary form is '춥다'. Is ...
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Please translate this had written text to English [closed]

please translate to English or anything that is understood it.topic ect...
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What does 덩그러니 mean in the sentence 또 덩그러니 내게 남겨져있어?

I'm searching for the meaning of 덩그러니 word as I'm not able to find any correct meaning for this word. So can you please help me?
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What are these 4 characters sounding like "doh goo tei aw"?

What 4 words did Kim Chae-won (김채원) blurt, at
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Help regarding terminology on Korean history: 정화오례신의, 주자가례, 진사시, 재지지주, 강남농법, 등

No matter how hard I try to understand these terms, I can't find clear explanations. If anyone cares to concisely describe each terms and what the English terms are, you'd save my life. -정화오례신의 -...
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