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For questions about technical or specialized words in fields like grammar, IT, politics, sports, etc.

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What is the correct spelling for the ITF term ‘yon moo son’ meaning 'diagram'?

Background and question As is well known, ITF spelling of taekwon-do terminology is all over the place. In my experience, the following variants are the most prevalent: Double consonants are rarely ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do you say 'unity in variety' in Korean?

Is there a exact translation for this term?
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What's the difference between ‘마디 (소절[小節])’ and ‘낱말 (단어[單語])’?

I know that 소절 (小節) is a Sino-Korean word for 마디, and 단어 (單語) is that for 낱말. The thing is, utterly almost every Korean-English dictionary says that those all are meaning a word! I was literally ...
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