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Help regarding terminology on Korean history: 정화오례신의, 주자가례, 진사시, 재지지주, 강남농법, 등

No matter how hard I try to understand these terms, I can't find clear explanations. If anyone cares to concisely describe each terms and what the English terms are, you'd save my life. -정화오례신의 -...
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Terminology related to Social Thoughts and Korean Society: 위정척사, 공맹사상, 가묘, 종묘, 위패

If possible, please give the English equivalent terms of each and shortly explain what they are. -위정척사 -공맹 (사상) -가묘 -종묘 -위패 -사당 -소중화 -원나라 -주자가례
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Mathematical operators as verbs in Korean

Korean, as we know, is nearly always a verb final language. However, one exception to this strong tendency I have observed is the reading of (at least some) mathematical operators. For example, 1 + ...
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How are mathematical symbols read in Korean?

Mathematical symbols are used internationally but each country read them in its own way. Moreover it is often difficult to find a comprehensive list. I know that this question is very broad but I ...
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