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Questions tagged [spoken-korean]

For questions regarding Korean as it is spoken, as opposed to written.

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How would a younger Korean person (child/teen/minor/younger generation) address his/her parents' close friends?

Say the parents are close friends with other Korean parents. They all have their own kids. The kids hang out together and are close friends as well. Now, how would a Korean kid address his/her own ...
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What's the best way to learn Korean for someone who grew up understanding it?

My parents are Korean and growing up they spoke to me in Korean and in English, and I mainly responded in English (which I highly regret now). Some of the 'beginner' tutorials and tutors are not great ...
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What are some language exchange phrases?

What are some good resources for learning phrases for a language exchange? Where should I start?
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What is the use of (으)로 here?

'오늘 그사람을 만나면 낯선 사람으로 대할 거예요' The only confusion I have here is 으로 which has the meaning of with, by or towards(a place).This sentence means 'If I meet that person today I am going to treat him like a ...
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