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Questions tagged [spoken-korean]

For questions regarding Korean as it is spoken, as opposed to written.

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2 answers

지 in 제안하는지를 공부할 거예요

이렇게 오늘은 다른 사람에게 어떻게 제안하는지를 공부할 거예요 = Just like this, today will study proposing activities with other people What is the meaning and grammar of 지를 here? Link: ...
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4 answers

How is 시 pronounced?

Is '시' pronounced as 'shi' or 'si'? With 'ㅅ,' I thought it depended on the following character as I've seen it written as 'sh' or 's' For example, 시간 (time) is pronounced as 'shigan' or 'sigan'? I'...
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Pronunciation of patchim in 맛있다 and 맛없다

I am wondering how Korean pronounce the patchim ㅅ in 맛 of the adjectives below. 맛있다 맛없다 When read words (맛, 있, 다) separately the ㅅ in 맛 sounds like ㄷ. However, because the word after 맛 (...
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그러지 마세요 Is this polite or annoyed?

I am confused because of the addition of 세요 to the end. Since this means "please" I thought this could mean a polite request. However 그러지 마 sounds a strong,assertive way to tell someone to ...
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그는 절대 행복하지 않아요. Please help translate

I just learned this sentence, however it translates to ‘he’s never happy’. Is this translation accurate? Because I thought this sentence meant ‘he’s never unhappy’. Thank you
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