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In Korean, spaces are used to recognize different parts of sentences (similar to English and other languages). A set of rules for spacing exist in the Korean language. This tag should be used for questions about spacing.

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How do you type a space on a set 3 keyboard?

How is space typed on set 3 keyboard? It appears a main character takes the place of the space on a set 3 keyboard.
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Spacing rules for the verb 이다

Recently I was studying and saw the verb 이다 being written along with the object, like 저는 한국 사람입니다, but I have also seen it written apart (as I thought was the correct form), like this 저는 한국 사람 입니다. ...
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Why did the father climb into his own bag? (띄어쓰기 농담)

I found this: 아빠 가방에 들어 가신다. But why did he climb into his own bag?
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One word sentence without space

While watching some drama, I encounter this sentence: Korean: 결과나왔습니다화장품뚜껑에찍힌지문은뭉개졌는데 Subtitle: The result is out. The fingerprints on the outside of the cosmetic container were smeared and could not ...
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When should spaces be used after the determiners 저, 그, and 이?

As far as my knowledge goes, I know 3 determiners in Korean: 저, 그, and 이. However, I noticed that, sometimes, spaces are used to separate the determiner used and the noun following it. Examples: ...
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When should spaces be used between words?

This was one of our definition questions. The Korean language has different uses for spaces than something like the English language, what are some of the rules for spacing in Korean?
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Spacing rules: Is it 가 보다 or 가보다?

In the combination "verb + 보다" (= try doing), is there supposed to be a space between the two words or not? Example: 우리 한 번 가 보자! Let's go one time! (lit. Let's try going one time!)
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