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For questions specific to South Korean dialects.

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Is there a j sound in 맞네요?

I saw a question on here about that word and there being no t sound which i understood, but i put it in to my translator app, which is pretty accurate and it gave me the pronunciation of "manneyo&...
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Wiki: Common spelling errors that Koreans (are likely to) make

Those who are studying Korean could be exposed to various spelling errors made by native South Koreans. It is beneficial for language learners to know what errors are common in Korean text. Some of ...
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How to pronounce "나, 너" etc. correctly

When watching Korean dramas, I've often heard 나, 너 pronounced as either "na, no" or "da, do". Isn't it associated with the "n" sound? Have I misheard or is it OK to pronounce in both ways?
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Why is there no 't' sound in 맞네요, and there is in 맞다?

I am learning from TTMINK. I'm in the first workbook level but they continued using the ending “-네요”, so I went to Lv3 Lesson 25 to find out what it means. In one of their examples they use 맞다, and I ...
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Importance of learning Hanja (한자) for Korean learners

While I think it is generally considered important to learn Hangul (한글) when learning Korean, is there a point in the learning process where learning hanja (Chinese characters) may also be important. ...
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What, if any, are the primary differences between Korean as spoken in the North and that spoken in the South?

Are there any major differences between North Korean and South Korean? Is there anything that tends to cause difficulty communicating or are there just more minor issues (like accents or idioms)? ...
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