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Why is 이해합니다 pronounced as ihaehamnida?

이해합니까 looks like it should should be pronounced as ihaehabnida but it's actually ihaehamnida What rule causes the ㅂ in 합 to change from a b sound to an m sound?
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1 answer

Why is 우 often romanized as "woo"?

Especially with names I have often seen this romanization, but also with other words. Here is an example where the word 우리 is transliterated as "woori". Other examples are the Korean bank &...
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Where can I learn to pronounce Revised Romanization of Korean

I am a starter for learning Korean. From these two websites: 1) ,and, 2)
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Are Korean names ever written camelcase in English, e.g., HaYoon

I just came across McCune–Reischauer romanization, but would prefer to use Korean names in camelcase, where the hyphen is deleted and the second name is capitalized, e.g., JiYoo. Is there historical ...
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5 answers

Why is the Korean name 이 often Romanised as 'Lee'?

This was a question from the definition stage of this proposal Why is the Korean name 이 written as Lee in English?
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Deciphering romanized Korean: "kama/kamuh toe olgami"

In my martial arts book, "The Art of Kyuki-Do", it describes a particular maneuver (called in English, "middle section corkscrew trap, in to out") as variously "kama toe olgami" and "kamuh toe olgami"....
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1 answer

What do "seureopgo", "eopji", and "danghaetgo" mean in a song?

1.seureopgo 2.eopji 3.danghaetgo I put a song through a few layers of google translate but some korean romanization came through instead of hangul or english
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1 answer

Why does the name '박' traditionally get romanised to 'Park'?

When Romanising '박', according to this Romanization tool, McCune–Reischauer Romanization and Yale Romanization would produce pak Revised Romanization would produce bak So why does the name '박' ...