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Meaning of proverb 어물전 망신은 꼴뚜기가 시킨다

What is this 속담 (어물전 망신은 꼴뚜기가 시킨다) supposed to mean? What is its literal meaning? From what I understand, it is sort of an equivalent of the English proverb "one bad apple spoils the bunch", ...
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Meaning of 걸래는 빨아도 걸래다

Does 걸래는 빨아도 걸래다 have two meanings? Since 빨다 can be used both for "wash" and for "suck", does this also mean something about soaking up water as well as the more obvious meaning to wash in water?
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What does 도토리 키재기긴 한데 mean?

I've tried to translate this sentence '재보나 마나 도토리들 키재기긴 한데'. I looked up this phrase '도토리 키재기긴 한데' on Naver to find out it's used pretty often in many different situations. But I don't understand what ...
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Is there any equivalent proverb for "Slow and steady wins the race"?

From the famous story of the race between Hare and Tortoise we learn many things one of which is the moral. Slow and steady wins the race Are there any equivalent proverbs/sayings to deal with ...
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