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2 answers

What do these korean workplace titles mean?

I'm here to ask a question, what do 실장 and 팀장 mean in a company scale like celebrity agency? Thanks in advance
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1 answer

Meaning of Korean phrases structure suffixes

Do korean structure suffixes have any meaning alone or they only have meaning when used with verbs, adjectives, etc? For example V+곤 하다. Does "곤 하다" have any meaning alone as an expression? ...
6 votes
2 answers

What is the meaning and etymology of 본 적 (없다/있다)?

In my continued adventures through K-pop, I've been hearing the phrase "본 적 없는" a bunch lately. is unusually unhelpful - though it references the French phrase "...
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3 answers

What's the difference between 할 수 있다 and 할 수 있어?

I don't get the difference between 할 수 있다 and 할 수 있어. (다 and 어). I want to write ‘I can do it’. I want to do a tattoo but I don't know which one is proper one?
3 votes
1 answer

Does the suffix 다 identify verbs and adjectives?

Even though I've read this article, I would still like to clarify something about the 다 particle/suffix (not sure of the terminology, as a beginner). So far, and as someone with a basic knowledge of ...
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1 answer

떠들고 다니다 meaning

The sentence is: 벌써 2학년 1학기가 지나 버렸고 더 이상은 기다릴 수 없다고 마음먹자, 갑자기 웬 농구부 주장이 오늘 혜현에게 고백을 하겠다고 공공연히 떠들고 다녔다. And like, I get what it's saying, but does 떠들고 다니다 mean something specific as a phrase? I get ...
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0 answers

What are some language exchange phrases?

What are some good resources for learning phrases for a language exchange? Where should I start?
2 votes
2 answers

How do I say “Please do not add too much oil” in Korean?

I plan to visit a Korean restaurant and would like to avoid eating oily foods. Can someone please tell me how to ask the waiter to not add too much oil to the foods?
6 votes
2 answers

How to translate 'a fun little distraction'?

How do I translate this phrase into Korean? This mobile game not anything big, just a fun little distraction to pass your time on the subway. Google translate shows that this is 이 모바일 ...
9 votes
2 answers

Which Korean words or sounds have been used as a shibboleth?

A shibboleth is (according to Wikipedia) a word or custom whose variations were used to differentiate members of ingroups from those of outgroups The English Wikipedia also has a long list of ...