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Questions tagged [phrase-meaning]

Questions about the meaning of a given phrase in context.

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-하느라 하지 말고 Meaning

I've been reading some Northern texts and came across this -하느라 하지 말고 phrase being used. I'm unsure what it means or how to understand it. Some examples of its use: 내 말은 덮어놓고 여름부터 땀흘리며 일하느라 하지 말고 ...
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How to write “egg baby” with the same innuendo or word play as 터래기 meaning fur baby?

This is an unconventional request but a Korean artist created a brand called Teolaegi 터래기 which from my very basic understanding is a play on words for fur baby. How would one do the same for ‘egg ...
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