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육, 륙 or 뉵 for number 6?

I have a doubt concerning how to properly write the digit 6 in hangeul. As far as I understood, its pronunciation varies between 육 and 뉵, but it's never written 뉵. I saw an extract from an older ...
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How do I read a tilde “~” in Korean?

I'm learning Korean and noticed that Korean contains a lot of phrases with the Tilde "~" . For example the sentence: 여행지의 기본 정보를 알아본 후 여행 상품을 2~3개 정도 고릅니다. I see this Tidle "~" ...
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Is there any difference in use cases between Hangul and Arabic to express number?

In Korean, it seems that in most of the cases you express number in Hangul, I think. However, there are other cases where you use Arabic numerals, such as: 가족을 2년 동안 못 만났어요. I think it is just a ...
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The difference between 일 and 한 to mean "one"?

It seems that one month, one week, and one year in Korean are the following: 한 달 (one month) 한 주 (one week) 일 년 (one year) Why do the first two use '한' while the last one uses '일'? And how can I ...
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When do I need to use the native vs Sino-Korean numerals?

The Korean language uses 2 sets of numerals: The native Korean numerals The Sino-Korean numerals When I want to express myself in Korean, I am often wondering which numeral system I should use. I ...
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