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Questions regarding the usage of terms and symbols for numbers.

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Was there a separate 순우리말 for 200?

We have 순우리말 for single-digit numbers: 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, 다섯, 여섯, 일곱, 여덟, 아홉. We have also 순우리말 for multiples of 10: 열, 스물, 서른, 마흔, 쉰, 예순, 일흔, 여든, 아흔. But what about multiples of 100? The (now-obsolete) ...
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육, 륙 or 뉵 for number 6?

I have a doubt concerning how to properly write the digit 6 in hangeul. As far as I understood, its pronunciation varies between 육 and 뉵, but it's never written 뉵. I saw an extract from an older ...
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What numbers are associated with base Korean characters?

Given the sort order of Korean characters, are they given numbers 1-x? If not, are there any contexts where these base characters are given numbers? I am specifically thinking about Gematria, but it ...
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Why Korean numbers when counting forward, but Sino numbers when counting backward? doesn't answer my question also mooted on HiNative. This distinction feels illogical and senseless to me. What's the reason or rationale? Here's one example from ...
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How do I read a tilde “~” in Korean?

I'm learning Korean and noticed that Korean contains a lot of phrases with the Tilde "~" . For example the sentence: 여행지의 기본 정보를 알아본 후 여행 상품을 2~3개 정도 고릅니다. I see this Tidle "~" ...
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Using ordinal numbers

I'm pretty familiar with constructing ordinal numbers (첫번째, 두번째, 세번째, etc.) but just double checking how I'd use them in a sentence. 예) The second time I went to Korea, I stayed in Busan. Would the ...
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What number system is most important to learn first in Korean?

I read this article about the use of numbers in Korean: Number in korean This article seemed to suggest the following order of importance: Hanja ,Sino-Korean , Native Korean and Ordinal. I understand ...
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When should Native Numbers be used? [duplicate]

When you are numbering things, like pages, which set of Korean numbers would one use? Also, when counting objects, which are you supposed to use? I have seen people specify months, phone numbers, ...
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How to number things in a sentence

I train in a Korean martial art. We have sets of techniques that we call off in half English, half Korean. I am wondering how to say them entirely in Korean. For example: 기본권법 基本拳法 Gi Bon Gwon ...
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How is 석 달 different from 삼 개월 or 셋 달? Are they all correct?

I was just watching While You Were Sleeping and she says: 석 달전 쯤에 꾼 꿈인데.. I'm confused about what 석 is and when it's used as the number three. Are there equivalents for other numbers as well?
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하루, 이틀 ... 이레 (one day, two days ... seven days)

Yesterday my wife and I went to a takeaway food shop in suburban Sydney called 이레 (transliterated as Irae outside and Irea on the server's aprons). This word was not on my translator app or Google ...
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Etymology of Native Korean Numbers and Related Words

So I collected some native Korean numbers and their old forms into a few columns. The last two are words specifically for days. The Roots column is what I observe to be common across the row, not ...
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Pronouncing last digit as 하나

I was saying my license plate number to someone the other day, and when the clerk repeated it back to me, she used Sino-Korean numbers for everything (as I would expect) except she said 하나 (native ...
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I was ordering donuts at a Korean donut shop. How do I order?

I jump at every chance to practice Korean and the store clerk was speaking Korean to the previous customer so I tried my best. After greeting with "안녕하세요" and then fielding questions on how I know ...
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Pronunciation of number 7 in native Korean number

I am a bit confused about the pronunciation of number 7 in native Korean number. As in the video here (at 27:47), the Korean teacher pronounced it as 일 리 겁. Could anyone confirm if this is correct or ...
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Why is there a limit to the quantity that can be expressed in Native Korean numbers?

Many sources mention 온 (100) as the highest Native Korean number; I even heard a native Korean tell me that 온 isn't actually used, and 아흔아홉(99) is the largest actually usable number. Is 99 - or 100 - ...
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What do these money-related gestures mean?

The following images come from the Korean manhwa Aura From Another Planet, chapter 35. I can guess that the gestures they are making refer to monetary amounts, but how much are we talking here?
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How do the 'stroke counting symbol' work?

When taking orders, Korean restaurants don't use Arabic numbers, but a system of strokes: one horizontal line for 1 item, completed by a vertical line (like a T-shape) for 2 items. A horizontal stroke ...
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A way to remember the natural Korean numbers 스물 (20), 서른 (30), 마흔 (40) and so on?

I don't have any problem remembering the natural Korean numbers up to 12, as they are used in telling the time - and it's easy to work out those up to 19. But I have problems remembering 스물 (20), 서른 (...
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