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Questions tagged [middle-korean]

Middle Korean (중세국어, 中世國語) corresponds to Korean spoken from the 10th to 16th centuries, or from the era of Goryeo to the middle of Joseon.

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옛한글 on Safari not working

I have a Mac and use Safari as my default browser. Across my Mac, despite having several fonts that support it, 옛한글 does not render how it is supposed to. For example ᄀᆞᇫ다 just appears as a string of ...
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Help regarding terminology on Korean history: 정화오례신의, 주자가례, 진사시, 재지지주, 강남농법, 등

No matter how hard I try to understand these terms, I can't find clear explanations. If anyone cares to concisely describe each terms and what the English terms are, you'd save my life. -정화오례신의 -...
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Terminology related to Social Thoughts and Korean Society: 위정척사, 공맹사상, 가묘, 종묘, 위패

If possible, please give the English equivalent terms of each and shortly explain what they are. -위정척사 -공맹 (사상) -가묘 -종묘 -위패 -사당 -소중화 -원나라 -주자가례
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Middle Korean Tones for Chinese Loan Words

Middle Korean was a tonal language and Chinese loan words were also starting to be imported during this same time; however, everything I've seen about the tones references native Korean examples. This ...
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How can we infer the pronunciation of now obsolete Hangul characters?

The original Hangul system contained several characters that stopped being used before audio recordings became available. What can we infer about their former pronunciation, and on what basis? This ...
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