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Questions tagged [meaning]

Questions about the meaning of certain prefixes, suffixes, words, phrases, sentences, and/or texts in relation to context.

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What is the difference between 잘 살아봐요 vs 잘 살아요?

I see both positive and negative connotations for both. What is the nuance between the two?
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Tribunal and Court: Meaning of 법정 and 법원

I work at a government tribunal in Australia. I explained to my Korean-born wife that it's like a lower court, but there's a distinction in Australian law, even though I can't quite explain it even in ...
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사무치다 뼈저리다 meaning

I'm trying to determine a suitable meaning for 사무치다 and 뼈저리다 in English. I understand that they have the meaning that some emotion is really strong/intense but can't find a translation in English. ...
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What is Difference between 못 vs 수 없어요?

What is Difference between 못 vs 수 없어요 ? I am reading both mean Cannot do something.
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Difference between 구경하다 and 구하다 : Look Around

What is the word difference between these two words: 구경하다 and 구하다 ? Do they both mean look around?
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