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Questions tagged [meaning]

Questions about the meaning of certain prefixes, suffixes, words, phrases, sentences, and/or texts in relation to context.

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1 answer

What is the difference between 일, 하루 and 날?

Do both 일 and 하루 mean today and 날 means the next day or does it depend on context?
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Use of ~라 as a sentence ender to give a warning

This is related to the question here The answer posted by Gaeguri seems to be what I was looking for, but I wanted some more information, and found this dictionary definition Transcript: ...
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Which one is correct: ‘갈 데까지 가다’ or ‘갈 때까지 가다’?

PSY's <강남 스타일 (Gangnam style)>. It's kind of famous, you know. This is what its lyrics say: 지금부터 갈 데까지 가 볼까? Shall we go all the way through from now on? But is it really 데 here? Isn't it ...
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2 answers

What does 시원치 않다 mean?

In the following sentence: 그런데 그렇게 주인공으로 세워 놓고도 팬들의 대접은 시원치 않은 경우가 많다. 각자 자기의 노래를 찾느라 부산하기 때문이다. 여기서는 오로지 노래 실력만이 중요하다. (Source: 대학 강의 수강을 위한 한국어 읽기 중급2 P.66) There is no entry in any of my ...
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Someone commented this on my Instagram

Someone wrote "캐존잘" on my Instagram. What does this mean? I have tried multiple sources but can't find anything.
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Translation "나트륨의 과다 섭취가 각종 질환을 일으킬 수 있다는 인식이 확산 되고 있습니다"

Here is the sentence: 나트륨의 과다 섭취가 각종 질환을 일으킬 수 있다는 인식이 확산 되고 있습니다 The sentence is difficult for me to undertand because i'm not sure about the meaning of "과다" and "있다는". "과다" is "과다가", and "있다는" ...
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2 answers

How come 말이야 is translated as "especially"?

Someone said that 말이야 is translated as "especially" in the sentence. However, how can it be translated like that? 말 literally means "words, speech".
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