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Please help me translate this sentence and if possible, meaning of each word in it

Please translate this phrase for me, and if possible, please also explain the meaning of every word used in it: "눈 감으면 봄은 아득하고". Thank you in advance.
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Is there a saying in Korean that "tall people are dull", or something like that?

There is a children's song in Korea called 맞아 맞아. It begins like this: 키크면 싱겁다는 옛날얘기가 맞아맞아 정말맞아 꼭맞아 (See here for the full lyrics.) I was struggling to figure out its meaning and this is what I ...
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마음처럼 what does it mean?

In the phrase 마음처럼 쉬운 게 없고, what does 마음처럼 refer to? This is followed by 사람들이 점점 미워지고, which I understand to be people slowly grow to become unlikeable I know 마음 has many interpretations (mind, ...
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What does "어정쩡" and "어버버" in EXO Tempo Lyrics

I was trying to translate EXO Tempo lyrics to english 1 by 1... then I encountered "어정쩡" and "어버버"... what do they mean? This is the verse where the two words appeared: 밖으로 나갈 채비 미리 해 둬 Are you ...
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What does 남달라 mean in EXO's Tempo?

Short question: I came across 남달라 when reading/trying to translate the lyrics of EXO's Tempo... I went to Papago translate and google translate but seems very difficult to get results from them... ...
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What's the usage of 야 between a verb and past perfect marker "했었던"?

There is a Korean song that i get addicted to it these day, so i said way not try to get what it says, so i started to analyse it, and i had to say Korean is truly a hard one. well here is where i ...
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식식하게 or 씩씩하게 목소리 높여? Which did I hear in a song?

I was streaming Korean music, and unfortunately, the stream doesn't have a good way to identify songs, singers, nor lyrics. To answer my question, it might be necessary to hear the song, but in lieu ...