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Korean causative verbs vs. English causative verbs

Kind of a weird question, but please bear with me. I want to know whether Korean and English behave similarly with respect to how causative verbs are formed. In English there are two types of ...
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What is the use of (으)로 here?

'오늘 그사람을 만나면 낯선 사람으로 대할 거예요' The only confusion I have here is 으로 which has the meaning of with, by or towards(a place).This sentence means 'If I meet that person today I am going to treat him like a ...
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How do you translate 생일도?

I understand that it means "birthday too". But when used in a sentence as the one below, how does it translate? 내 생일도 잊을 정도로 바쁘다는 사람을… This is from a manhwa I am reading. I translated this ...
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humbly requesting feedback on poem translation!

I'm learning Korean and had to translate a poem for a translation class. the poem is 옛날의 노래 by Kim Myeongsoon. I would love to get some feedback from a Korean speaker on my translation! Here's the ...
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How to I translate this sentence to English?

How do I translate this to English? “사제만 곁에 있으면 불가능한 일 은 아니야.무리하지 말라는 말 잊 지 말라고.” ‘길을 막지 말라고? 보내지 않으면 길을 막는다는 거야 뭐야?’ 근무지로 복귀하면서 내내 함 대장 의 말이 걸렸다. It appears that the sentences don't have anything to ...
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