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what is the Proper korean word to say Hello?

what is the Proper korean word to say Hello.. i hard many different words saying hello like below. Anyaseyo anyo so what is the correct word?
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그러지 마세요 Is this polite or annoyed?

I am confused because of the addition of 세요 to the end. Since this means "please" I thought this could mean a polite request. However 그러지 마 sounds a strong,assertive way to tell someone to ...
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A hard translation question

‘않다’는 동사 또는 보조 용언으로 기능하고, ‘안’은 부사로 기능하는 말로, 그 쓰임새가 다릅니다. ‘않다’는 ‘아니하다’의 준말이고, ‘안’은 ‘아니’의 준말입니다. 따라서 ‘아니하다’를 줄여 쓸 자리에는 ‘않다’를 쓰고, ‘아니’를 줄여 쓸 자리에는 ‘안’을 씁니다. 보기를 들어 ‘아무 말도 아니하다. 먹지 아니하다’의 ‘아니하다’를 줄일 때에는 ‘...
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Are Korean names ever written camelcase in English, e.g., HaYoon

I just came across McCune–Reischauer romanization, but would prefer to use Korean names in camelcase, where the hyphen is deleted and the second name is capitalized, e.g., JiYoo. Is there historical ...
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