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What is the word in this image?

The attached picture is of some Korean calligraphy, and as a sanity check I wanted to confirm how readable it is. Can anyone tell what this word is, and if so, how easy/hard was it to recognize it?
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How do you write “ㅉ” naturally?

I know that “ㅈ” is written differently [from the keyboard] naturally. Is “ㅉ” the same as the keyboard-written way or is it written differently naturally?
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Is there a hand-writing recognition input method on Linux for use with a stylus?

I have a Linux touch-screen laptop, and thought it could be good practice to write Hangul using the touch-screen with a stylus, and have that translated as text. Firstly, that would be a good way for ...
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Unusual hangeul syllables in 1920's handwritten Korean?

(This is a question about handwritten Korean, I don't have enough reputation to create a new tag for handwriting.) My Korean grandfather's notebook contains a chronology of the places he went while ...
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