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How do we write the Korean word for Korean Radish Soup (Mu Guk) in hangul?

What is the hangul for Korean radish soup (mu guk)?
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What is the anglicization of 팻잎?

팻잎 When I want to preserve the sound of a Korean word and use English writing for 팻잎, then what do you suggest? Below we see a photograph of an specimen of a particular species of edible salad green ...
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What is the Korean word for Orach (an edible leafy green similair to Spinach)?

What is the Korean word for Orach (an edible leafy green similar to Spinach also known as Atriplex Hortensis)? "Orach"에 대한 한국어는 무엇입니까? 시금치와 비슷한 식용 잎이 많은 녹색입니다.
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What is the Korean word for the type of melon (Cucumis melo) that has hair on the rind or hair on the peel?

What is the Korean word for the cultivar of (오이 Cucumis melo) that has hair on the rind or hair on the peel? 오이의 피부에 머리카락이 달린 오이의 이름은 무엇입니까?
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What does 까지 mean after a date ? Is the expiry date for distribution or for consumption?

I bought 불닭떡볶이 and below the packaging is printed 2020.07.16 까지 And today it's 2020.07.17, so can I eat safely or the product is expired?
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What does this North Korean woman mean by joking about "ear wax" when they are about to eat?

Reference point: A bunch of North Koreans are sitting around a table with a male guest from Singapore, who is filming in first person. One of the North Korean ...
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갈매기살 (lit. seagull meat) pork cut name origin

In Korean there is a cut of pork called 갈매기살, which literally translates into "seagull meat." The first time I heard this, I was shocked and thought they had actual seagull meat on the menu. I was ...
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스푼 in a recipe: tablespoons or teaspoons?

When following a Korean recipe, does 스푼 refer to a specific unit of measurement like a teaspoon or just a generic spoon? I was cooking some Samyang spicy chicken ramen, and came across instructions ...
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What's the difference between '탕' and '국'?

It seems there are two kinds of Korean soups. Some of them are '국', such as 미역국, 콩나물국, 배추국. But then there are also '탕', such as 갈비탕, 삼계탕. Some even seem to have two names, e.g., '우거지국' & '우거지탕'. ...
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