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What is the meaning of 또 만나요?

I've the following simple sentence: "저는 로한이에요. 또 만나요". Which is supposed to mean " I am Rohan. See you again". Many tutorials specifically translates "또 만나요" as "see ...
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Can 오합지졸 describe the Halloween Crowd in Itaewon, South Korea?

오합지졸 - 까마귀 烏, 합합 合, 같지 之, 군사 卒 - 아무 규율도 통일도 없이 몰려다니는 무리 - A crowd that rushes around without any discipline or unity Can the crowd from the 2022 Halloween tragedy in Itaewon be said to be an oh-...
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Translations for 척하면 척이다

An intimate friend and native Korean speaker explained that I should have added a word in what I said to her, but she summarized with 척하면 척이다 I think I get what she meant, but I began wondering ...
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Explain meaning and usages of 썰렁 - 썰렁해 and/or 썰렁썰렁

Explain meaning and usages of 썰렁 - 썰렁해 and/or 썰렁썰렁 To be clear, I have heard it used in each of these ways. I do not need an explanation of Noun, Noun+하다 (Noun+해), but if any usage carries a ...
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비빔밥 - Examples of 비비다 outside of "Bi-bim-bap"

I love 비빔밥 - Bi-bim-bap. It's a traditional Korean dish where the items in a bowl are served to the customer, and the customer then takes a Korean spoon and mixes it all together. The verb 비비다 (to ...
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