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Questions tagged [dependent-noun]

A tag for questions related with 의존명사

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How is the word '등' used in this sentence?

등's definition is: a bound noun used to indicate that there are other things of the same kind as the thing that was just mentioned. 우크라이나 수도 키우프 제2 도시 하리코프에 집중 포격을 가하는 등 공격의 고삐를 늦추지 않았습니다. I can't ...
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의존명사인 '대' (dependent noun)

I have asked through the app Hello Talk the meaning of the word 대 in this picture and I got a very kind girl (Eunyoung 은영) who told me it is probably a 의존명사 which I later found to be called "dependent ...
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What is the difference between 지 and 걸?

I have read the following sentences: 여자는 차가 어디에 있는지 몰라요. 아이들은 아기가 자는 걸 몰라요. I guess the meaning is the following: The woman doesn't know where her car is. The children doesn't know that the infant ...
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