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Is 그래 a contracted form of 그렇다?

I came across occurrences of 그래 and 그렇 while reading a French Assimil-collection textbook (whose approach is progressive assimilation, rather than thorough grammatical explanations from the very ...
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When does 시 become 세?

In my Talk To Me In Korean book 'Real Life Conversations For Beginners', there is a dialog which includes the translation: "Are you a student?" / 학생 이세요 I was expecting the sentence to be 학생 이시에요, if ...
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When would you say 하였다 rather than 했다?

단지 너를 위해 그리 하였다 - I only did it for you. Does using 하였다 rather than 했다 change the tone of this sentence? In general, would 하였다 be used instead of 했다?
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Is '게' exactly the same as '것이'? Is there a wider pattern or is this a specific case?

I've read that '게' is equivalent to '것이'. Is that 100% true? are the following pairs of sentences the same? 그것이 진짜 예뻐요 그게 진짜 예뻐요 그것이 너무 무거워 그게 너무 무거워 I'm also wondering if 것이 → 게 is a case of any ...
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